Week 16/52: Drop the drop set and ascend those quads



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Building leg mass and volume is something I’ve been focusing on. When that’s my main focus, I work to at least maintain my strength. When my strength for powerlifting is my focus, I work to maintain leg size. This past year we have done some great things with balancing the two.

One variation that many bodybuilders love to use is drop sets. But today, I bring you a leg work that involves an ascension set. So instead of stripping weight off the bar, we are adding weight each set, with very little rest.


Dumbbell Leg Curls (these are done as your pre-fatigue exercise)
x25, 20, 15, 10

4×8 with 3 second eccentric
Try to stay relatively explosive with this. The eccentric makes it tough, but on this day we were focusing on speed and force development.

Front Squats- ascension set
1 giant set of 4 increases, 5 reps at each weight 
Only rest is to change the weights

Heavy DB Lunges
4×8 each leg
BB Stiff legged Deadlifts


I’m a coffee freak. I love trying new coffees and different roasts. I’ve even come to appreciate and love black coffee – to actually smell and taste the flavors without dousing it with cream. And sure, the caffeine in the morning is a good jolt of what I call “go-juice.”

But even our bodies can become accustomed to the amount of caffeine we drink. If we always drink 2 cups, that kinda becomes our baseline. So when you actually do need a pick-me-up, your body is going to need more than that.

Give yourself a break from the caffeine every once in awhile. Go a whole week drinking decaf, or decaf teas or other caffeine-free drinks. It will give your adrenals a break as well. Then after that week of “detoxing” (so to speak), try using caffeine only when needed. Perhaps that’s in the morning to get moving, or just before a workout. See if you can notice a difference.

Week 15/52: Sign your name on the dotted line

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“Bet you can’t jump off this bridge, grab that rope and swing across.”

The entire length of our hike, my two friends were egging each other on about feats that they thought the other couldn’t accomplish. (Never mind the potentially hazardous dare of touching what looked like a massively poisonous spider.)

But in all honesty, human nature responds and reacts to a challenge. Whether it’s a sports competition, an inter-office contest to surpass last month’s quota, or the challenge of completing a bootcamp, class, workout, or project. (Like, actually completing it from start to finish.)

A less quantifiable challenge for me was when I decided I wanted to leave my day job to pursue working from home full time. But I took the necessary steps over the course of a year to get to that position and was able to make it happen. (And now I have even more financial stability by broadening my client base and who I help with health and fitness which I couldn’t be more pleased with.)

But what about YOU? What are YOU challenging yourself to do at this point in time?

As you may (or may not) know, I have a 12 week program that I am coaching over 150 people with. Workouts, nutrition challenges, giveaways, and physical challenges all keep them accountable to the goal of completing the 12 weeks.

Other clients I am coaching through physique competitions…12 weeks at a time. Other clients I’m coaching through weight loss…just 10 pounds at a time.

There are many folks who internally commit to challenges, like New Year’s Resolutions joining a gym to lose some weight. But let’s face it, many times they are “committed” for a month or two and then fall off the wagon. But those that externally commit to something (a race, a competition, a sport, a bootcamp) are more successful in their results.  So why is it that when we “enter”these challenges (essentially signing your name on the dotted line for something), we become much more committed to the process? I’m sure there are psychological reasons as to why this happens. Perhaps it’s the accountability of knowing you need to work towards that. Or maybe it’s the mental aspect of finishing something you started. (That always feels good.)

Whatever the case is for you, I CHALLENGE you to sign your name on a dotted line and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. What’s your goal? What will help you attain that goal? And then sign your name to a dotted line. 


Need to drop 10+ pounds? I have a challenge for you.

Just need to up your workouts and have some accountability? I have a challenge for that too.

Want to compete in something (5k, charity deadlift event, Spartan race)? I can help you with that.

Do you know someone else who needs a challenge too? Do it with them.


CHALLENGE yourself. Commit to something. Contact me if you need help with your goals or your challenge.