Week 25/52: Squat workout – not for wimps!

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This training session was one of my favorites a few months back. Modify as needed if you don’t have the specialty bars.  Regular back squats and front squats work well – or my favorite, Anderson squats!


Lying leg curl with a dumbbell between feet – After plenty of warm ups, work up to a tough 10, then add a little weight for next set and do 8, then add a little again and do 6. For your 4th set, stay with the weight you did for 6 and do 6 but tack on 25 partials at the end.


Yoke Bar Squat 2-3 set of chain– Do plenty of warm ups here. Work up in sets of 5 until it starts to get difficult but you have a rep left in the tank. After you hit your hard 5 rep set I want you to drop the bar weight 10%.  We are going to do a drop set but we will drop a set of chain every 5 reps.  I want 20 total reps. Do 5 reps and drop a set of chain, another 5 reps and drop a set of chain, If you have 3 sets do another 5 and then the last 5 with just bar weight. If using 2 set of chain push for 10 reps with just bar weight.


Camber bar front squats – It’s only going to take you a set or two to find a tough weight here. I want you to do 10 reps, and rest for 45 seconds before going again. Do this for 5 total sets. Use a stance where you are strong, and don’t lock these out. Pump them. Fight the pain, work through it.

Leg extensions with a band– I want one all out drop set. Do 10 reps with a pumping tempo, not locking out, then drop the weight and do 10, then drop the weight one more time and do 10. 1 set.


Barbell stiff-legged deads –Go down very slowly with a little bend in your knees. Do 3 sets of 10. Don’t come up all the way; keep constant tension on the hams.

Week 24/52: Leptin, appetite and fat storage



Leptin is a hormone secreted by the fat cells. If the body begins to accumulate too much fat, more leptin is released. Why? It’s supposed to tell your brain to decrease your appetite and eat less. Kinda like a self-regulating mechanism when you start to gain weight. It’s telling you, “Whoa. Slow down, don’t eat so much. You’re gaining too much fat.”

Of course this is all dependent on the fact that your body’s leptin signaling is healthy and on track.  If your leptin signaling, release and binding is off kilter, that’s called “leptin resistance.” Basically, your fat cells continue to release leptin into the bloodstream, but it still doesn’t send appetite signals. You’ve lost that self-regulating appetite control. You still eat and feel hungry. This is especially true if you are already overweight. Research also shows that an excess amount of high fructose corn syrup and processed carbs leads to leptin resistance. Therefore, the more junk you eat, the more your body is NOT satisfied, and the more your leptin signaling gets destroyed.

Leptin levels are also impacted by stress levels, poor sleep, overeating, high insulin levels (see the vicious cycle here?), and excessive exercise.

So what can you do about it?

  • Limit processed carbs.
  • Get enough protein and good fats.
  • Limit grazing all day. Meals and snacks are fine, but constant grazing every hour never gives your hormones a break from being on overdrive.
  • Take note of your exercise regimen. Too much cardio (just to burn calories) will have a negative effect.


A healthy metabolism means that leptin is doing his job. Give your body the nutrition it needs so that every hormone function runs properly.