10 Band Exercises for Fixing Weaknesses

A couple weeks back, someone asked me about some great exercise to use with bands.  First of all, the bands I love and use are from Elitefts.com. The mini bands, light bands and average bands are the most common and can be used for a wide variety of exercises.

I picked 10 exercises that I use a lot and are great builders for weak points.

1. Goodmornings

2. X-Band Walks

3. Leg Curls

4. Pull Throughs

5. TKE’s

6. Face Pulls

7. High One-Arm Row

8. Assisted Pull-ups

9. Band Pulldown Abs

10. Band Assisted Stretching

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just a few that I use a lot and I use with my athletes and clients.  (If you need an explanation on these exercises, let me know… while you can google most of them, if need be, I can create a compilation.)

What are you favorite band exercises?

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