Finding Your Groove… Again

The holidays… such a wonderful time of the year.

Family.  Friends.  Food… what more could you ask for?  (Besides a sugar overload.)

Somehow, every time a big holiday or vacation rolls around, I find it very hard to get back on track. It’s strange because while I’m excited to crank out some good training sessions, my overall desire to do anything is gone.  It’s like my brain is still in relaxation mode.  And I have the messy house to prove it.

So as I began to use the holidays as an excuse to continue to bum around in my pajamas pants, play with my kids’ new toys, and whine about how I’ve lost my groove of the daily grind, someone on Facebook said to me, “Julia, I was hoping YOU would have some advice.”

And here I am… with my groove.

1. Set a goal.  When you’re in your normal routine, you know the things that need to be done each day.  Whether it’s work related, training related or at home.  Set 5 goals you need to get for the day.  Make sure nothing gets in the way until it’s done.  If you’re determined to write the first half of an article, get that done before you go YouTube surfing. If your laundry is neglected, buckle down and fold while you catch up on your favorite show.  When goals are accomplished, it sets off a cascade of wanting to do more!

2. Train hard and train with a purpose. What does training have to do with getting back on track??  Everything! It’s an energy booster. It’s an accomplishment.  It’s a break from the monotony of your job or housework.  It’s motivating. It’s encouraging.

3. Unplug. Most people are pretty unplugged over the holidays with all the get-togethers.  But I’ve been really unplugged (internet was down for 6 days).  I purged old clothes, cleaned out my kids drawers and closets, donated their old toys, clean the kitchen (8 times), took down the Christmas decorations, and snuggled and read so many books. Certainly unplug if you’re looking to write an article or blog post or do anything work related on your computer.  It’s easy to get caught up in Facebook and Twitter and all things social media. Turn them off and work for 30 minutes before checking back in.

4. Start.  Whatever it is you need to do, just start.  It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes.  If you’ve been dying to clean our the junk drawer, give it 5 minutes.  Just start. Once that’s accomplished, you’ll want to do more.  Same reason that people give up on fitness goals and “New Year’s Resolutions”… they just never start.

Start 2012 off with a bang… find your groove and go with it.  For me, the past week as been uber productive.  Just by following the things listed above.

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  1. tempraven says:

    THIS IS A GREAT entry.. love the 5 goals a day… that might be much for me, but three to start sounds good… thanks i learn so much from you.

  2. Bea says:

    So true I have been moping around most of the Christmas break after a truly hectic finish to the fall semester. The end of the semester was so bad that was not doing ANYTHING physical even though I knew it would help. So today was the day, we are packing to move, I got back over to the gym for a great kettlebells session. Came home and knocked out some serious packing!

  3. Neghar says:

    Great post, my love! I did a lot of purging closets and *multiple* junk drawers over the past week and I love the feeling of accomplishment and de-cluttering. Back to the real world and excited to train!

  4. Tracy says:

    I love practicing with the kettlebell. I’m a newbie to it – one year as of January 17th – love it but the last part of 2011 kicked my butt emotionally and I let everything slide. I’m back in the saddle and working out again and if feels so good. On days I don’t “feel” it, I tell myself, FIVE minutes. Just five minutes and those five minutes usually turn into 15, 20, 30… Such GREAT advice, Julia! Happy New Year!

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