Can’t, Never and Other Such Nonsense: Part 2

Based on my last post, apparently I’m not the only one who sees this “no care” attitude on a daily basis. But you know what?  I didn’t always feel this way.

Despite being taught in high school that “can’t” was a forbidden word, I really only viewed that in terms of my track career. And the fact that I knew my coach was just really good at building my confidence. It worked, but didn’t seem to carry over into other areas of my life.

I always thought of myself as athletic.  There were parts of my body I liked (my thick, strong legs), but I just took it for “genetics” that I wasn’t meant to be a size 2.  But it didn’t matter to me.  Weight didn’t matter.  Dress size didn’t matter. I really wasn’t concerned about any of that. Well, maybe a little, but I was ok with being the short, stocky, muscular athlete.  I was mostly after performance gains anyway.

But I did tag myself as never being able to be a smaller size or have six pack abs.

“That’s just not how I’m built.”

After all, I’ve tried “losing weight” and cutting calories and exercising my little tush off to lose the mid-section.

It never worked.  Never has and never will.

Until……. until this year.

Perhaps it was chance, or an accident, but I stumbled upon some nutrition information a year ago (Carb Back Loading) that completely changed everything.  In fact, my husband had started applying a few things and saw results, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to even give it a try.  “Silly stuff… nonsense really.”

Within 2 weeks, it had completely changed the way I viewed food.  And when it came time to prep for a powerlifting meet recently, I decided to work with Kiefer directly.  And for the first time in my life, I had a full six pack. And I wasn’t even trying.

I could no longer say “never.”  I could no longer put a limit on what I wanted to accomplish. Was having a six pack the be all – end all to my goals and what everyone should strive for?  Absolutely not.  But for me, it was one of the things that I had never been able to do. And now, I could no longer put a “never” tag on myself.  I wasn’t going to be like the woman in the last post. In fact, I now have some future goals and future endeavors that would’ve never made it on my to-do list had I not gotten over the “never” factor.

Too often we limit our view of what we really truly honestly think can happen.  Really.  Most people say they’d “love to write a book” or “travel the country” or do some other thing on their bucket list.  But the problem is… they leave the thing on the bucket list instead of finding the things that get them steps closer to completing that item.

(**Please note: Carb Back Loading is what works for me. I’ve seen tremendous strength gains, muscle gains and body fat loss.  To me, it’s not a “diet” to follow. It helps me find the right foods to eat at certain times of the day based on my goals. After applying these principles for 13 months, I can prep my body for nearly anything I want it to do.**)

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  1. Susie says:

    I loved the last post and this is just as good. I’m in the middle of a diet, with a lot still to lose, and the weight loss world is full of people who will tell you you can’t do something or that it’s impossible to maintain a healthy weight after losing a lot, just because so many others have failed before.

    Posts like this help me to stay positive to the end!

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