Learn to Train Seminar 4

Anytime I attend a seminar or conference, I always feel re-energized afterwards. Learning new things, meeting new (and old) people, brainstorming new ideas and getting re-focused on certain aspects.

I’m very fortunate to be a part of Elitefts.com and the Learn To Train Seminars that are held twice a year. It is amazing to be around people that are hungry for knowledge.  I come across strength coaches, powerlifters, trainers, crossfitters, and gym owners.  And they are all there to better themselves and the people they work with.

I could sit here and talk about all the knowledge I gained from listening to the speakers speak…

Jeremy Frey talked about programming (shoot, missed that speech because I was being interviewed).

John Meadows talked about nutrition (shoot, missed that presentation because I was giving interviews).

Steve Pulcinella talked about… well, nothing really. Just whatever the audience asked him questions on. (Tons of good info still!)

Friday afternoon consisted of helping our group of 12 people (10 women and 2 fellas) on the bench press.  Lots of technique work and coaching going on.

Saturday, Chad Smith spoke on programming as well.  Talked a lot about different variables and “sport specific training”.

After Chad, Josh Bryant game a great presentation about building raw strength. Touched on many of the exercises used by some of the strongest people out there.

Saturday afternoon, we coached our group on squats and deadlift.

Then, the legendary Dave Tate answered any questions that the attendees had.  This is usually a big hit because Dave sprinkles golden nuggets of training, business and life.

The information at these LTT Seminars are fabulous.  The coaches and sponsored athletes are great to be around.  And the attendees make the experience even better.  It’s so great to put internet names with faces and to not only give them information and watch them succeed, but to also learn from them.

See, at these seminars, it’s not about me.  Despite the number of people that tell me they’ve been following me for years, that’s not what this is about.  It’s about helping other people reach THEIR goals.  It’s about watching THEM be successful.  It’s about seeing THEM hit a PR in 2 months.  I never expect recognition in any of this…

only to Live. Learn and Pass On.

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