MomWOD Workout: 15 minute med ball workout

Three 5-minute rounds for a quick workout:
Squats x10, Lunges x10, Shuffles x20 seconds- 5 minutes
Pushups x10, Slams x10, Shuffles x20 seconds– 5 minutes
Woodchops x10, Chest Pass x10, Shuffles x20 seconds– 5 minutes

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  1. Avatar Hannah says:

    I absolutely LOVE your children working out with you in this video =D My little guy was doing side planks and mountain climbers with me yesterday during my workout and I only WISH I could have gotten it on video!!!

    Mommies with mini workout buddies for the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D=D

    And this looks like an awesome workout! I’ve been wanting to get myself a heavier medicine ball and this is totally motivating me to get on that! =D Thank you Julia!!!

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