MomWOD workout: 30 Minute Blast

If you have a kettlebell, a dumbbell, an odd weight, or a small child, you can kick it up a notch with some resistance.

Squats x 15
Pushups x 8
Bear Walks x 15 yards
Marching Planks x 20

Kneeling Lunges (up-downs) x8 each leg
Divebomber Pushups x 6
Backwards Bear Walks x 15 yards
Alternating Leg Pike Ups x 8 each leg

RDL’s x 15
T-pushup x 8
Sideways Bear Walks x 8 yards each way
Side Plank x 15 each

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  1. Dusti says:

    Hi Julia, I’m new to your blog and am loving these mom wods! Is there somewhere that explains what some of these are? For example…RDL?

    • Julia Ladewski says:

      Dusti, most exercises are pretty easy to Google. I’m not going to lie… I wish I could video all the exercises to show, but I just can’t. There are hundreds of videos out there on all these exercises if you search YouTube.
      Here’s an RDL video from my good friend Joe Hashey…

      Thanks for following along!! 🙂

      • Dusti says:

        Sheesh, didn’t think to google. Sorry! Thanks for the info.
        I was just choosing which wod I’ll do tomorrow and looking forward to your 30 day challenge.

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