Six Lat Exercises You Probably Aren’t Doing

I love lats. (I sound like Brick from Anchor Man.… except he loved lamp.)  But it’s true. I love lats.  I love training lats, I love the way well-developed lats look on men and women, and they are highly underrated by most gym rats. Here a list of my favorite lat movements.

#1. Wide Grip Pullups

Ken Hicks Photography

#2. Meadows Rows– notice the stance. By opening up his left foot and hip, it puts a great stretch on the lat.

#3. Chest Supported Rows 
(Double bonus if you use a cambered bar- in this video, they are rowing with elbows out wide to hit rhomboids and lower traps. If you row toward your stomach, it will hit mid back and lower lats.)
#4. Prisoner Pulldownsfor these, you can use ankle strap attachments. Because you’re not holding on to a bar, you are really forced to pull with the elbows. Be sure to fully extend arms and scapulae at the top.

#6. Dead Stop Rows

Give one (or three) of these exercises a try and let me know what you think.  

What are you favorite lat movements?

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  1. Avatar Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom says:

    Thanks for sharing! Will have to try these 🙂

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