(Protein) Ice Cream Recipe

When you’re in this fitness industry, people assume that you must do everything right. You know, you work out for 4 hours a day, you eat lettuce and chicken at every meal and you never ever cheat. Ever. 
“Oh shush, Julia, you don’t eat that stuff.”
Ummm… You have no idea. If you know me, you know I looooooove me some ice cream (and bacon).  I have a major sweet tooth at night. And while I will (and do) indulge in my favorite (cookie dough), I do it at the right times. I plan my treats.  Boring, I know. But if I eat instinctively, I’d eat the whole dang 1/2 gallon.  

It’s what works for me.

But sometimes, we need to have those “treats” that aren’t quite so bad. Here in the Ladewski household, we try to give our kids foods that are natural, whole and not loaded with artificial crap and chemicals.  This is a great “ice cream” recipe for kids (with no added sugar).  

5-6 frozen bananas
2-3 scoops chocolate protein
(Almond or coconut milk as needed to assist in blending)
Blend in high speed blender.
I would recommend eating it right away, but you can freeze it for later. (Just “harder” than ice cream.)

Last night, I put a couple scoops in a mini kids cone and the kids loved it!
(You could also use cocoa powder instead of chocolate protein. And of course you could use different flavors of protein.)

This is also perfect if you’re carb backloading and want a frosty treat post-workout instead of a protein shake. (Remember, post-workout = high glycemic carb (very ripe banana) + protein). Low if fat, so good for a backload night too.

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  1. Curly says:

    I made a low carb version which wasn’t bad. 1 packet of sugar-free jello (I used raspberry), 1 cup of water, 1 cup of heavy cream, 2-3 scoops of vanilla IsoPure. Make the jello with 1 cup of boiling water, add the heavy cream and protein, refrigerate until it starts to thicken and then freeze. It’s a nice treat on a low carb day.

  2. This is sensational Julia. Thanks so much for sharing. So glad I discovered your blog as I have just started my new fitness journey xxDani

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