Bootcamp in a Box: From 3 highly respected strength coaches

This is the day and age where group training classes have become a “bootcamp” style workout. Which is fine and dandy… except when the trainers are randomly grabbing exercises and beating their clients into the ground.

The results?

Injured and achy clients that don’t come back.


J&M Strength and Conditioning is known for progressing their clients through training to make them fall in love with getting stronger.  Jim Laird, a former powerlifter and owner of J&M, has become known for his ability to train women for what they came for – losing fat and feeling better – but a whole lot more happens. They fall in love with getting stronger, they are healthy, and their bodies feel good about what they can do!  Molly Galbraith, co-owner of J&M, has been through her own story of battling fat loss and is now a well-respected trainer and takes pride in getting her clients to be all-around healthy through breathing drills, pre-hab exercises and proper strength training.



Mike Robertson, world-reknowned “rehab guy”, has been a long time friend of mine since our powerlifting days in college. Mike’s knowledge regarding exercise progression and regression is far beyond other coaches in the industry. With the combined knowledge of these three coaches, you get 6 months of programming for your group training sessions, as well as all the appropriate progressions that will not only keep your clients healthy, but will be challenging for them as well.


Bootcamp in a box sales ends tonight… then the price goes up. I have a copy and I love the videos of what exercises to start with before jumping right into something technical like swings, RDL’s and turkish getups.  If you’re a coach or trainer, this will be a must have for 2013.

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