Deadlift Analysis with Coach’s Eye

We’ve been videoing our training sessions for years. Some hilarious stuff has come out of it (Matt passing out while deadlifting), but mostly we use it to check how technically sound we are. We can see where we are missing a lift and then figure out how to attack those weaknesses.


Last week, I did some heavy deadlifts. I walked out of the gym thinking, hmmm…that last set was a lot tougher then the one before and it was only a 10 pound difference. When we looked at the videos, we saw a very small technical error.  An error that most people probably would’ve missed.


I took my Coach’s Eye app and analyzed the two, stopping them at different points to see exactly what happened.


Use these videos to see where my technical error occurred.

(Note: the error the occurred is a VERY COMMON error that happens to many people when deadlifting. These videos should provide some insight.)


(If you’d like some technical help in analyzing your lifts, please get in touch with me.)

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