Does lifting weights faster beat out traditional cardio?

Jen Sinkler seems to think so.


Cleans, snatches, barbells, kettlebells, jumps. When performed at a high velocity with enough resistance, research has shown that it not only jacks your heart rate up during the workout, but creates a greater metabolic disturbance for hours after.


I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate which fitness professionals really know their stuff. I met Jen 2.5 years ago and I am always impressed with the information she puts out there. It’s accurate, it’s honest and it’s serious. (She was fitness editor for Experience Life magazine which is a no B.S., no fluff mag… I like that.)


Today she launches a guide that I personally love.  Why? Because it’s not fluffy. It’s not about “toning” or “losing weight”… It’s about serious strength training. She adds a little twist with some cool conditioning workouts (one submitted by yours truly) that STILL INVOLVE WEIGHTS. Heck yeah, that’s right up my alley.

fight for your right

I bet you’re dying to see what I put together…

130 conditioning workouts

225 exercises (the big ones come with full videos)

Nutrition guide from author Diane Sanfilippo (Eat Better Faster and Cook Meals Faster)

And for the SERIOUS strength person, the 12 week Get Stronger Faster guide




Love me some Jen Sinkler and I know you will too. There are few fitness pros out there doing good things… good thing Jen is one of them.

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  1. Megan says:

    Your workout in LWF was one of the first ones I did and….I was humbled. I had to swallow my pride and go to knees for pushups. It was awesome and is one on my favorite ones in the guide! I mentioned this workout on FB and Jen commented, “Yeah, Julia Ladewski does not mess around” No doubt!

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