Pounds of Potential: A father’s letter to his daughter

My husband – he’s a big bearded dude who trains with heavy weights and delights in the pain and suffering of the iron. He pushes his body beyond limits that seem humanly possible. He deals with aches and pains and surgeries to keep his love of the iron alive.


But he is also a father – to two beautiful kids, one of which is a girl. The relationship that dads have with their daughters is truly something special. There is something amazing about how a dad feels about this little girl. Being in the strength and fitness industry, he is aware of the thoughts, feelings and ideas that are thrown onto young girls from society, media, and friends.


My husband will do his darndest to make sure his little girl realizes her potential outside of her physical body weight.

“You are pounds of potential. That number doesn’t make you anything but that weight. You are pounds of potential and you can influence others Tweet: You are pounds of potential. That number doesn't make you anything but that weight. http://ctt.ec/l1PGa+

dear daughter

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