Week 2/52: Skinfolds and Corresponding Hormones

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I’m currently 8 weeks out from NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago. So far, training is going really well. I love the heavy strength work I’m doing combined with some high volume bodybuilding work.

What are you training for?  Let me know. Seriously. I’d love to follow along.



Moving into week 2 (do you feel more awesome already?), let’s touch on some nutrition. No, I won’t tell you how many carbs or proteins to eat. But this should provide some insight into what might be going on with your specific body.

Remember this, your body is unique. There is much we don’t see or understand (vitamins and mineral interactions, hormonal responses, aging processes, and metabolic fluctuations). If we only take a small piece of the puzzle (macronutrients) and try to put a million-piece puzzle together, we will get frustrated, stressed and see no progress.

This is just a glimpse into what might be going on. This was taken and adapted from Precision Nutrition.

Look at what skinfold measurement is the highest (or not seeing changes) and look at the appropriate hormones associated with that and possible solutions to look into. This is not a one-size-fits-all, but it is fairly accurate for most. The possible solutions are just that – possibilities. If you think you have an issue with one of the hormones listed, it might be worth checking with your doctor for further examination.

Getting past a few of these speed bumps could allow you to be more awesome in the gym!


Have you found any correlation with your own body and what solutions worked for you?

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  1. Sharon Rios says:

    Hi Julia , I was recommended to you from Marie Perrone. I am looking to talk with you about nutrition . Is that a possibility? Sharon Rios 401-573-4256

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Julia,

    I am currently training for the NYC Marathon. I know cardio get a bad rap. I am thinking about blogging my journey, what do you think? Any tips?

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