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Wow. Welcome! Hopefully you had a chance to read the intro to this little project. If you haven’t, you can find it here.  And make sure you subscribe to the newsletter for some bonus stuff that won’t be on the site.

Now, as I prepare for another physique show in just 10 weeks, I’ve really had to get creative with my exercise selection. As I look at my program, which of course contains a LOT of commercial gym equipment, I decided to find alternatives that worked just as well (or better!)

This one is a replacement for a chest press or hammer chest machine. Try this out…



chest press with bands

  • Hook up two bands (I used monster mini bands) to the sides of a power rack.
  • Set up a vertical bench right in the middle. (How far out the bench is depends on how difficult you want the exercise to be.)
  • Put the Fat Gripz on the bands. (You don’t have to use Fat Gripz, but it does make for a nice handle.)
  • Press the bands out and squeeze your pecs at the end of the movement.


The stability needed combined with the greater band tension at the end of the range of motion really makes this a pretty pec-fatiguing exercise.

So why would you do this exercise? Well, of course, if you’re looking for a bodybuilding-type exercise to simulate a chest press. It would also be a great finishing movement on bench day. And some extra work for those that are looking to build their pushups. It would also work well as a recovery exercise on off-days. Just play around with the intensity based on the goal you’re looking for.

Enjoy!!  (Don’t forget to get on the email list!)

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