Week 6/52: Self inventory- how much are you worth?


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In Zig Ziglar’s book See You At The Top, he talks extensively about having a healthy self image. The lengthy 15 step process should be taken into consideration, but we are going to look at the first step and I’m going to challenge you this week. Take it seriously. I promise it will only take 5 minutes every day, but will prove to be extremely helpful.

Step One for Ziglar is to Take Inventory. When you do this, you will realize that you are worth several million dollars and that “no one on the face of this earth can make you feel inferior without your permission.” 

Years ago, a woman in Gary, IN received a million dollar settlement because a drug caused her to lose her eye sight. Would you swap places with her? Another woman in California was awarded over a million dollars because of a back injury from a plane accident. Doctors told her she would never walk again. Would you trade places with her? And chances are if you made the offer to either woman, they would gladly take their health back for the money.

Ziglar goes on to say that any normal human being, despite wanting to make more and more money, would not trade in their greatest asset… their health.


Here’s what I’d like you to do this week:

At the end of every day, write down three things (yes, write them down, don’t just say them in your head). The 3 things are as follows:

1. Something you did really well today. (closed a sale, stayed patient with my kids, finished a work project just the way you wanted it done)

2. Something positive that happened to someone in your direct circle. (mother recovered from surgery, friend got a promotion, son received the leading role in his school play)

3. Something that you loved about yourself today. (While this may seem similar to #1, it could also be different. Maybe you loved the way your hair looked. Or you loved the fact that you were the only one pushing hard at the gym today. Or maybe you surprised your husband/wife with a small, thoughtful gift.)

Write those three things down, EVERY DAY. At the end of the week, we are going to look at all of those things and take a big inventory of WHO YOU REALLY ARE and HOW MUCH YOU ARE WORTH.


Have a great week. Go and be awesome.


“You are somebody because God doesn’t take time to make a nobdoy and once you learn how much you matter to God, you don’t have to go out and show the world how much you matter.” – Mary Crowley

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