Awesome Kids: Power Snack- Yogurt fruit salad cone

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I’ve really been working on making food something fun for the kids. What I’ve realized while prepping for a show is that I have chicken, veggies, salad and rice available at all times. And I know if it gets boring for me, it gets boring for the kids. So, how can I take those foods and make them more interesting for the kids?

We found that giving meals a fun name kick started everything. Matt, my husband, told the kids that they needed a “power lunch” because we had a busy day of going to the gym, bowling practice and playing outside. To them, it made sense that a “power lunch” translated into “quality foods for good energy.”  And from there on, “power meals” were formed.

Just last week, when I asked my kids what they wanted for breakfast, my son replied, “A power breakfast!”  I even asked him what a good power breakfast consisted of and he picked eggs, a piece of toast and my blueberry oatmeal bake.

Even for snacks, instead of just giving them a handful of pretzels and an apple, I wanted to find ways to spruce it up a bit and keep it fun.  My kids love fruit so we always incorporate that into snacks.  This time, I took a bunch of fruit that needed to be used up and created a Yogurt Fruit Salad Cone. Sure, the cone isn’t “healthy”, but what a fun way to mix it up!

kid friendly snack fruit salad



You can use any fruit. I like to use plain greek yogurt so it’s low in sugar and has no red dyes.  The fruit sweetens it up so no need to add sugar. I added almonds and flax meal for some good fats too!

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