Week 11/52: Tiny Habits

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Why do so many people give up their New Years Resolutions just weeks after making them?

Why do so many people start a fitness fad or a diet only to get discouraged and quit?

Why do so many people start to pursue a passion/business/career/schooling, etc, only to never finish?


Four words:  Too much too soon.

Being in the fitness industry, I’ve had countless people tell me that they often leave their fitness and health goals behind because they are overwhelmed and there’s just too much to try to change at once. And if that’s the mentality we take, we are surely setting ourselves up for failure.

My husband Matt introduced me to Tiny Habits last year. And I’m passing it along to you. Browse around and see why making tiny habits is setting yourself up for success. Guess what – we don’t need to “dive in head first” or “go all in” with everything we do.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, right?

Consider joining the FREE emails that come from June 30 – July 4. What a great way to learn how tackle small, successful habits for 30 days.

Good luck.


P.S. I’ll be using some of these strategies with my 12 week fitness challenge group that is starting next Monday (June 30) as well. The group is dedicating themselves to 12 weeks of making small changes to their workout regimen, diet, health and goals. We have a private Facebook group where I’ll be running everything and supplying you with the tools you need to succeed.  12 weeks of workouts, nutrition, recipes, support, motivation and PRIZES for only $25??  You got it… I’ll be closing the group this Friday so email me if you’re interested in joining!!  (Julia.Ladewski at gmail dot com)

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