Week 30: Arm Lever Holds: What’s your challenge?

After I do a meet. I always take some time away from the barbell. And as much as I love getting stronger, there are some other things that I would love to cross off my bucket list. One of those things is the Human Flag.

If you don’t know what a Human Flag is, it’s basically where you hang off a pole sideways, arms extended and legs straight out. I searched for the best progressions leading up to a full Human Flag and I found one on GymnasticsWOD.com.

Last week I started with the Arm Lever Holds. Much of it was just learning about getting my body in the right position to balance myself.

Day 1 looked a little something like this.

I went right into Day 2, even though my wrists were sore. Definitely got better and I tried the 2nd progression as well, which is the Arm Level Holds on the post.

I know you have things on your bucket list. Perhaps it’s something strength or fitness related. Perhaps it’s something life or career related. Have you looked into what it would take to cross that thing off? Have you gone above and beyond to make it happen? Or is it just a whim, a thought, a dream?

What will it take to push you to the next level?

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