Week 28/52: Hey Nerds, you’re going to love reading research again! Examine Research Digest

While I may be a few days late in getting this post up, it’s for good reason.

You may have seen around the interwebs a site called Examine.com.  In fact, you can see just over there on the right —->

Examine is a reference guide for all your supplement, vitamin and mineral needs. What to know what vitamin B12 does? Examine will tell you. What to know what supplements will help bloating and digestion? Yep, tells you that too. It’s a great reference when pinpointing (from a very smart third party).

examine research digest

This post contains affiliate links, but only because I truly LOVE what I promote!

Well, they upped it a whole notch. If you’re a science nerd like me, put on your dork hat and have a look. Today they are releasing the ERD: Examine.com Research Digest. So instead of reading all the boring numbers and studies and journals about nutrition and trying to decipher the information, they do it for you with their team of awesome-ness.


ERD is for professional development. If you want to stick out from the pack, you have to keep learning, you have to keep being educated. This makes it a LOT easier to stay up with the latest research.

ERD is also available as audio files. A lot of people told us they didn’t have time – now you can stay on top of the latest research during your drive to work or any other time you can listen. LOVE this feature.

ERD gives you access to a private Facebook Group, allowing you to discuss the reviews and interact with hundreds of your well respected peers and the team members of Examine.com.


For the next few days (til Nov 9th to be exact) they are offering an early bird price for the subscription. $24 a month to get the latest research all dialed in for you. I already read an initial copy and I love it. It’s clean, concise, and beautifully put together.


I can finally read research without being bored.


Happy Learning, fellow nerds!

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