Week 34: Live, Learn and Pass On: Elitefts Make-A-Wish Manuals

This week’s post fits so nicely into our 52 Weeks to Be More Awesome series. What better way to be more awesome than to learn and see so many different programs and support Make-A-Wish this season.

I am not sure where to start. I’ve been with elitefts since 2005, a time when female Powerlifers were not being put front and center and female strength coaches were being pushed under the rug. David Tate saw my education, relative and in-the-trenches work experience and put me front and center in a male dominated industry. This took some getting used to but has allowed me to gain a unique perspective in an industry known for gimmicks and quick fixes. Dave has taught us if we live, learn and pass on we will become better coaches, mothers, wives, friends and people.


elitefts make a wish ebook 2014


I understand this more today than ever. The more I grow and learn the more I realize how much more there is to know and in turn have become a much better coach today than I was in 2005. I have contributed to every Make-A-Wish manual since they began in 2007 and have to admit I loved the idea behind “Programs That Work“. There is much to learn from looking at the commonalities and differences among these programs as “cookie cutter” and “template based” programs will never work for the long term. These are real world programs that have been used by the coaches who submitted them. These manuals also help me to illustrate to my own clients why all their programs are different.

Just in the past two days of looking over these programs I have picked up several ideas I know I can use for some of my clients as well as my own training.

I highly suggest picking up these manuals and am very proud to be part of the team that help put these amazing resources together.

Plus all the revenue generated from these goes to Make-A-Wish OH, IN and KY. Since the team began these manuals and seminars we have helped grant close to 50 wishes. Your support has been what makes these come true. You can find the Elitefts MAW manuals here.

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