Week 35: Weight Loss Unlocked: The Paleo Woman’s Solution

Happy New Year!  Wow, 2014 flew by for me. And I’m sure it did for a lot of you.

Were you able to participate in the Holiday Hustle workouts throughout the month of December?  I know some of you did and it was awesome to get your emails saying how tough and challenging they were. But also that they were easy to fit into your busy holiday schedule. That, my friends, is what some of us need around the holidays.

Oh, if you totally missed all the workouts, you can pick them up over here.


So, I wanted to bring to your attention another resource. A few months back I mentioned a gal by the name of Stefani Ruper.  I recently read her book “Sexy by Nature” which was a great read for those looking to eat natural, clear up skin issues, and repair some metabolic damage. Stefani has a history of her own issues that she struggled with and was able to help not only herself, but thousands of other women as well.

Her latest book, “Weight Loss Unlocked: The Paleo Woman’s Solution” is such a simple, yet solid book on why healing your gut,  and controlling hormones and inflammation is so, well, healing to the body. She’s a huge proponent of not “dieting” but eating quality over quantity. In fact, the majority of the women she works with are under eating!


While yes, this book does talk about weight loss, it’s not about dieting, but more about how to control the other factors that are causing weight gain (optimizing thyroid, eating food fats, not restricting).


Is she dead set on one type of dieting? Nope. She talks about eating lower carb (and why) or lower fat (and why). Which foods to choose (and why). And even finding the right (if any) birth control

weight loss unlocked

It’s a very solid all around book for understanding the female body and keeping food simple. I was able to read it in one sitting, PLUS all the extras that come with it (reading food labels, smoothie recipes, and even a section on body image).

You know by now I typically don’t promote anything I don’t believe in. Stefani is a very smart woman with extensive knowledge on the female body (along with metabolic issues, PCOS, etc).  Have a read. And as always, let me know how I can help.

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