Push, Press, Pull: 10 week strength course

One thing I often here from female trainees is:
“Why can’t I do pushups?”
“Why does my bench press suck?”
“I just wanna do 1 pullup!!”


While this training course is definitely not limited to females, it is your chance to make HUGE improvements in your upper body strength.  Starting October 5th, I’ll be running a 10 week training program that will be geared towards improving your bench, pullups and pushups. Squats and lower body work will still be done but our focus is going to be hammering out some upper body strength gains.

Here is everything that the training program includes:

*Full 10 week training program
*Access to private Facebook group
*Video analysis for technique work (posted in the group)
*Basic nutrition information
*Support from the group and myself for the entire 10 weeks
*Help and Q&A’s from guest coaches

Sign up by Saturday October 3rd for $100 for the full 10 weeks!

If you have specific questions, please email me at Julia.Ladewski@gmail

Registration will close Sat. October 3rd.

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