Holiday Hustle 2.0

Welp… the best month of the year is over…. wahhhh!  Of course Christmas stuff as been in stores for a month now and Thanksgiving is creeping up.  So you know what that means… CHAOS.

Few years back, I created a Holiday Hustle program, designed for the busy person to stay in shape between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because while it’s “the most wonderful time of the year” it can also be the most stressful. One in which we run around like crazy persons, from work functions to shopping, forgetting about our own needs.

Every holiday, we gain weight and say we’ll “start all over in January.”

We set resolutions, which only last about 14 days.

We fall off the wagon, and that wagon seems to drag us for months and maybe even years.

That’s why every year I try to provide my readers, followers and clients with something that will keep them going. Instead of using January 1st as an excuse to let things go from November to December, I want you to have something that makes January 1st that much easier.

This year I created a program that is complete with strength/gym workouts along with some quick, intense conditioning workouts. All the components you need to stay strong, stay fit and get out some stress!


As a BONUS, you’ll receive the original Holiday Hustle program.  Version 1 is a month of workouts, mostly bodyweight and can be done anywhere.  Why am I including this?

Maybe you don’t have access to a gym every day.  Maybe you need something that can be done in 15 minutes at home.  Maybe you’re traveling a bunch and need options.  Whatever the case is, you’ll now have 2 months of workouts to get you through the holidays… whatever your  needs!!

From now until Nov. 13th, these 2 programs will come bundled together for $39.  After that, the price will go up.

Do NOT let these 2 months pass you by…..

***Fine print:  Please make sure you provide an email in which the programs can be sent to. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive the email containing the workouts. Please check your spam folder, as sometimes emails can end up there. If you do not receive them in a couple days, contact me by email (julia.ladewski@gmail). ***

BFS Back to School Mom Challenge

BFS back to school

It’s that time.  Back to school… the time where we are secretly inside jumping up and down to get the kids back to normal school routine, yet on the outside stressing about supplies, schedules, teachers, etc.

What it doesn’t mean is that YOU take a back seat on your body and health.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, taking care of YOU is one of the best things you can do. Doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or not, if you stay home or work… Finding time for yourself (and take care of yourself) should be on the top of your list. You’ve said you wanted a coach. You’ve said you wanted to get back in shape.

You’re hesitant… I get it.  You’ve been to the gym before. You’ve taken the step classes.  You’ve wandered around not knowing what to do.  You maybe even hired a “trainer” who held a clipboard and counted your reps.

Now it’s time to step it up a notch (or five).

Bella Forza Strong (BFS) is launching a 12 week program designed to get you stronger and more fit than you’ve been in a long time.  And chances are, if you put in the work and intensity, you’ll probably drop some body fat and your clothes will fit better.

Oh, who am I kidding, I know that will happen.

This program requires you to have access to a gym and a Facebook account to get access to the workouts. The FB group will be used for updates, workouts, videos and motivation as you all kick ass together.

At about $16 a week, I think it’s time you invest in yourself.  I could tell you to stop buying lattes.  I could tell you to skip pedicure this month. I could tell you a thousand ways so you don’t have any excuses for why you can’t do this. But in the end, it’s up to you.

YOU have to want it.
YOU have to be into it.
YOU have to desire a change.

BFS is taking the hard part (the X’s and O’s of programming and scheduling) and handing it to you on a silver platter.

Be Bella Forza Strong…. Beautiful Strength…. inside and out.

12 week program
Starts Monday August 15th
Facebook group
Nutrition template
Video analysis and coaching
Each participant will receive 1 Bella Forza item from the shop (restrictions apply)
Participant with the biggest transformation will receive a full refund (minimum of 10 participants for this prize to be awarded, otherwise alternate prize will be determined. Details laid out at start of program.)

Questions, email