Busy Mom Training Tip #29

If you’re short on time at the gym, get your first two main exercises done. Those will give you the most bang for your buck. Plus, they will most likely be exercises that require more gym equipment. Then if you need to finish later in the day, you can bust out a bodyweight circuit at home with your kids or after they go bed.

Gym Lifts
Deadlifts- work up to heavy set of 3
Weighted Back Raise- 4×8-12
Home Exercises
Bodyweight Reverse Lunges- 3×8-10 each leg
Glute Bridges- 3×10 with 5 second hold at top (or if you have paper plates and carpet, you could do leg curls!)
Planks- 3×45-60 seconds (add a small child on your back for bonus fun!)

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