Kids Gone Strong: Zig Zag Ladder Game

I work with young kids (as young as 7) on a daily basis. And oftentimes, my kids are great guinea pigs for games and activities.  Here’s an easy one I call “Zig Zag Ladder.”

What you’ll need:
4 cones, 4 tennis balls

What to do:
Place the 4 cones approximately 1 yard apart. Make the starting line about 10 yards from the first cone.


Starting at the start line, grab one tennis ball and run around the cones in a zig zag-type fashion, as shown. As the child figure 8’s their way back to the start, put the tennis ball on the first cone. Run back to the start, grab another ball and zig zag through the cones again. This time, put the ball on the second cone. Keep repeating until all 4 tennis balls are placed on the cones. Be sure not to knock down any tennis balls as they zig zag through!

Works on: eye/hand coordination, running, “footwork”, pattern following, patience

Have fun!

P.S. I also have toddler games and 4+ year old games too!

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