30 Day Challenge: Day 30

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You made it to the end!!


If you didn’t retest your push-ups and sit-ups, do that now.  Also, retake all the measurements you took at the beginning and any pictures you also took too. Try to wear the same clothing you wore the first time. And while I’m not super keen on the scale weight, you might want to do that too.


Please send me your results. Even if you don’t want to tell me your weight or the size of your waist, please let me how many inches you lost or pounds you lost! If you’d like to send pictures, I would love to feature you!!  Just chop off your head in the pictures and we can easily keep it anonymous. But what a wonderful way to celebrate your achievements!!


And don’t go anywhere… tomorrow I’ll be discussing warm-ups and HOW to put together a warm-up that works for YOU!!

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