Fighting for a full WOD

Over the past couple years of working with clients online, I have had a number of female clients that have come to me wanting to get stronger.  Some of those women also do crossfit workouts. They were frustrated because they could not do the full WOD as prescribed. They tried to keep up during their workouts and they tried to go faster during their workouts, but they were missing a key element – strength. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how to get stronger outside of their WOD.


I am not going to talk about specific details or workouts I had my clients perform but here are a few ideas I presented to help them reach their goals of getting stronger and doing the full WOD.

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1. You may need to focus more on strength workouts and cut down on the number of weekly WODs for a period of time.


2. You need to keep up with the skill work in your WOD, so don’t eliminate them completely during this concentrated strength block.


3. You must bring up your weak points to be able to make some of the technical corrections needed. No matter how much I tell you to tighten your lats when you squat, if they are weak you might not be able to do that under a heavy load.


4. Keeping some of the assistance/strength work in after our program is done. Don’t abandon what got you to your goal, unless it is not working anymore. And if it’s not working, you might just need to alter the strength program without completely tossing it out the window.

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5. Make sure you are recovering enough.  I understand you may be trying to lose fat and become jacked but if you don’t recover, your strength will not improve like you want.


6. Not every workout will be record breaking and filled with awesomeness. And not every strength workout will leave you breathless and completely sore. That’s not the goal.  At times you need to get the work done and get out.



These are a few of the things I have told my client when they start doing strength based blocks with me.  When clients listen they report back with amazing results.  A mother and daughter even pushed their squats to number two and three in their box.  Don’t be afraid to take a step back from your WOD to move forward in the future.


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