Week 25/52: Squat workout – not for wimps!

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This training session was one of my favorites a few months back. Modify as needed if you don’t have the specialty bars.  Regular back squats and front squats work well – or my favorite, Anderson squats!


Lying leg curl with a dumbbell between feet – After plenty of warm ups, work up to a tough 10, then add a little weight for next set and do 8, then add a little again and do 6. For your 4th set, stay with the weight you did for 6 and do 6 but tack on 25 partials at the end.


Yoke Bar Squat 2-3 set of chain– Do plenty of warm ups here. Work up in sets of 5 until it starts to get difficult but you have a rep left in the tank. After you hit your hard 5 rep set I want you to drop the bar weight 10%.  We are going to do a drop set but we will drop a set of chain every 5 reps.  I want 20 total reps. Do 5 reps and drop a set of chain, another 5 reps and drop a set of chain, If you have 3 sets do another 5 and then the last 5 with just bar weight. If using 2 set of chain push for 10 reps with just bar weight.


Camber bar front squats – It’s only going to take you a set or two to find a tough weight here. I want you to do 10 reps, and rest for 45 seconds before going again. Do this for 5 total sets. Use a stance where you are strong, and don’t lock these out. Pump them. Fight the pain, work through it.

Leg extensions with a band– I want one all out drop set. Do 10 reps with a pumping tempo, not locking out, then drop the weight and do 10, then drop the weight one more time and do 10. 1 set.


Barbell stiff-legged deads –Go down very slowly with a little bend in your knees. Do 3 sets of 10. Don’t come up all the way; keep constant tension on the hams.

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