Week 33: Pick up the phone

Last week, my best friend called me on her way home from work, just to check in and see how life was.

A few days later one of my other close girl friends called me, as it had been a few months since we talked. We caught up on life, jobs, family, training, and of course, relationships.

And then Thursday, a girl I view as a “chosen sister”, called me to catch up.  Mind you, we haven’t talked for about 18 months.


What kind of friends don’t talk for 18 months you might think?? Well, the kind that go different ways, for whatever reason. But that doesn’t mean we are any less connected.


As she called, it was so wonderful to hear her voice. We filled each other in on all the things that have happened in our lives. We really didn’t miss much of a beat.

“You know,” she said, “Even though we may not have the fitness stuff in common anymore, please call me, vent to me, cry to me if you need to. I’m here to listen no matter what.”


Those words nearly had me in tears. Just 2 days later, I learned that a young gal who was part of the Relentless families we support (through the Relentless powerlifting meets) had passed away. These phone calls and the passing of sweet Amber puts a lot of things in perspective.


Scroll through your phone contacts. No really…. right now.

Who should you reach out to? Who haven’t you talked to in awhile. Who might need a shoulder, an ear or just a quick hello?


Love. Give love this Christmas.


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