Winter Blast Fit Camp

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas is one of the busiest and most stressful times for most people.  And their training takes a back seat.  Not this year.

This 4 week camp will have workouts daily. Some will include typical gym equipment, some will be ones you can do at home.  This 4 week program is meant for those who may let the holidays get the best of them.  Or perhaps you are already on your own strength program, but want a supplement of metabolic, conditioning and bodyweight workouts.


winter blast fit camp


What this program is NOT:
*A progressive strength program aimed at improving a specific lift
*A powerlifting/crossfit/strongman specific program
*Customized to each individual
*Tailored to the equipment each person has

What this program IS:
*A mix of strength and metabolic work
*To keep from regressing during the stressful holiday season
*To avoid packing on holiday pounds
*Create and adjust days based on your schedule
*Flexibility of gym and home workouts
*Accountability to keep training
*Private facebook group where workouts are posted

If you know you’ll stick to your current program without any issues, or if you want a specific program, this may not be right for you. This is for those that “fall off the wagon” and need something to follow to keep them going.

For those that register, you’ll also get last year’s Holiday Hustle program free as well!!

Only $25!!  ($1 a day!!) (Actual camp begins Monday Nov 30th)

Disclaimer:  With this program, I am not suggesting that all workouts be done every day. The program will include suggestions and recommendations of proper sequencing, but the flexibility of being able to choose what works for your day and schedule while staying on track is the idea behind this.  This program is great for the beginner-intermediate. 

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