Kids Gone Strong: Zig Zag Ladder Game

I work with young kids (as young as 7) on a daily basis. And oftentimes, my kids are great guinea pigs for games and activities.  Here’s an easy one I call “Zig Zag Ladder.” What you’ll need: 4 cones, 4 tennis balls What to do: Place the 4 cones approximately 1 yard apart. Make the […]

Kids Exercises (4+) and Snacks

I recently wrote a post about some exercise games for toddlers.  They involved some basic coordination skills, but were pretty elementary for older kids. I’ve been racking my brain for some games that were a little tougher that could be used for older kids. Game #1: Kick/Throw knock-downNeed: Various balls (soccer, nerf, football, tennis, etc), cones […]